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The rumors of my death were greatly exagerated........................................

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Where Did I Go?

I am still actively photographing Weddings, among other things and I am still alive and well.

Some of my customers though, lost touch with me when I was reluctantly forced to relinquish my famous phone number 410-Film! And then I moved! More Details on 410-Film

I want all my customers to be able to find me and their wedding negatives.

Though most of my clients have purchased their albums and won't think of me again for years, I want to reasure them all that they know where their stuff is.

This website is new and likely temporary as I am having it hosted here on a free site where you will be forced to watch banner advertising but it's not all that bad.

...And here on the World Wide Web I can show you some new pictures and keep us all informed.


Please contact me directly for anything conected to work I've already done for you, new projects, or weddings.

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