Neil Haller. Where did he come from?


This line used to declare what day my birthday was. After turning a horribly large number and witnessing the mortgage fraud that can be perpetrated with as little as knowing your birthday, I'm not telling any more. For many years I lamented not being born a day earlier (on a famous holiday) so everybody could celebrate my birthday.

My Photography?

I hate pretentious photographers. So I also hate talking about mine. I'm pretty much exclusively now into weddings and my own children. If I was only free to travel again, I'd do that to.

My Travels

This country coast to coast (in cars and on motorcycle), Norway, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden, England, The Soviet Union, Mexico, Argentina, and many parts of the USA on my little baseball stadium pilgrimages. I'm dreaming of Antarctica. (Yes, yes, even though I am always complaining it's too cold)